Follow the trail along Hyllandsfoss, where the loggers once worked. Find traces of historical activity, enjoy swimming in Kulpen and X-en - but be careful in the river, and consider the longer hiking trail to Hyljås for great views

Activity information

Season:  Summer
Activities:  Culture, swimming, hiking

Take a few steps back in time and follow in the footsteps of the loggers along the historic Fløtarvegen road at Hyllandsfoss. Here you can explore the impressive stone walls that were once built to carry timber down the river when it was bursting with life. The activities along the river have characterized the landscape for hundreds of years, and it is mostly here that you can hear the echoes of the carpenters' whistles shouting over the river noise, the blacksmiths' hammer blows, and the cheers as the power station generated electricity for the farms at Hylland. Here you will also find traces of the mills, where the grain was ground to feed the families in the hamlet.

This exciting route is about 1.2 km long and can easily be combined with other nearby hiking trails. Feel free to bring a picnic basket and swimwear! The gorge along the river has been a popular swimming spot for generations. Locals have used the rock shelf as a springboard for refreshing dips. The X is another popular swimming spot by the river, with a distinctive flat rock perfect for picnics and relaxation. Be aware that the river is now regulated, so the flow and volume of water can vary. Always check the conditions and be careful!

If you're feeling adventurous and want to explore more, you can walk around Hyljås before returning home. This beautiful hiking trail, about 1.5 km long, takes you to an impressive lookout point with panoramic views of Hyllandshylen. Here you can enjoy the sight of the majestic Vehuskjerringa, which looms in the background at 1356 meters above sea level.

Explore Fløtarvegen, enjoy the nature and history that surrounds you, and take time to recharge along the river. Vinje has a lot to offer!

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