Round trip by bike Åmot - Øyfjell - Rauland - Åmot

This route has it all, from steep climbs and winding, idyllic roads over Fiskestigen, to longer stretches of good asphalt and, not least, fast descents. It's equally suitable for electric bikes and racing bikes, and is just as good as a quick training ride or a leisurely day trip.

Activity information

Length:  Approximately 50 km

With Åmot town center as your starting point, follow the foot and cycle path on the left side of the road for about 2 km on RV37 to Hylland. At the road junction above Hyllandsfossen, turn right, in the direction of Øyfjell. Note! The last 500 meters before the junction you cycle on the main road.

Now there are about 4 km of partly steep uphill, before the road flattens out at Mjåvasskaret. This is a good place to stop for a break, if you can afford it. A good advice is to take it easy at the start, the hill is long ...

The road then winds along idyllic small lakes towards Øyfjell. In Øyfjell, turn left towards Austbø and Rauland. On this stretch there are also several nice stops, for example on the beach at Lognvikvatn, where you can see grazing llamas, among other things.

After about 18 km you are at Austbø. Turn left on RV37, and cycle towards Raulandskrossen. In the center of Rauland, turn left again and cycle about 17 km to Åmot. The trip can be done both ways.

Tip 1: If you're cycling for exercise, there are several Strava segments on the route, including up Fiskestigen from Hylland, and up the final hill towards Austbø. If you choose to cycle the other way, the hill up from Tansosen is a classic test of fitness.

Tip 2: There are several places that are good for eating a packed lunch. Both along Fiskestigen, along Lognvikvatn, and when you come down to Tansosen, where the river from Tansvatn flows into Totak.

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