Bringsvær Rekneskapstenester

We provide accounting services for all types of industries. With today's technology, you as a customer can be located anywhere in the country/abroad. The work is done digitally.

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Address:  Skålebygdi 315, 3890 Vinje
Telephone: +47 916 94 783

The office handles all types of accounts, as well as office services, payroll and invoicing, advice, start-up of sole proprietorships and limited companies, tax-free conversion, liquidation of sole proprietorships and limited companies, annual tax returns and change of ownership in agriculture, etc. We guide our customers safely through the many complicated sections of the law.

The office has service at the forefront and everyone should get the help they need and require. The company was established in November 2011. Customers are geographically spread from Oslo to Bergen.

With today's technology, you as a customer have access to our system 24/7.

The office runs the accounting system Duett and 24SevenOffice. With cloud-based solutions.

We are available for customer visits if you as a customer need help and guidance.

It's usually the customer who stops by our office for a pleasant chat and advice on tax, VAT, change of ownership and more.

Welcome to a pleasant and informal meeting!

Customer acquisition:  24/7
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